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Education Magazine - Concept

The Concept of the bulgarian educational magazine and the educational exhibition "Education Beyond Borders" – Sofia is to provide important and very useful information for Bulgarian market. All institutions which take part in the both activities (magazine and fair) have a chance to present themselves to specific target group, interested in studying abroad. The participants can explore Bulgarian market and to offer special conditions to Bulgarian students.

The magazine is published twice each year - in March and in October. This is the best time for short and long time planning regarding your specific target groups and deadlines for applying. Please, do not forget that the decision to study abroad is family decision and in most cases applicants must have enough time to do their research and choose your institution.

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The main function of the magazine is to present various educational programs abroad for visitors of the exhibition "Education Beyond Borders" - Sofia and to present educational institutions and their programs which can not take part in the exhibition in Sofia but that ones which would like to provide information to Bulgarian market. In this way different institutions can create a specific message regarding their own style and image to Bulgarian public and audience which will receive it, promoting the interest to the created publication. You can find more information about the distribution of the magazine here!

Our slogan - Education in Bulgaria and abroad, gives a choice to Bulgarian students to choose the best place and institution for their future education. Sometimes those of the students who are not familiar with the conditions for studying abroad as a result become very interested in the opportunities abroad offered to them. That's why the publication in the magazine is an important strategic contribution for attracting future candidates and finding new partners.

In addition the target group of students which includes students from Bulgarian secondary schools and students from Bulgarian universities, your institution can find a huge number of partners worldwide. Opportunities for future development are huge today, especially for future partnership between the European institutions. Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and all educational conditions in the European continent are relevant for Bulgarian education schools and universities. The biggest and the best public and private schools and universities are participants in the exhibition "Education Beyond Borders" - Sofia!

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