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Lead management and education market

Increase your sales by converting a larger number of prospects into customers.


1. Telesales

Telesales means taking the lead generation one step further. For certain type of products such as subscriptions to magazines we can close the loop by effectively closing the sale over the phone. The client pays only the closed deals.


2. Lead Nurturing programs

For many types of goods (e.g. cars, houses) a sale is not going to happen immediately and in many cases leads that do not close the deal in the next 2 or 3 months are being ignored. Lead nurturing programs ensure that good care (e.g. Happy Birthdays, reminders, special offers) is being taken of those leads that have the potential of closing a deal in a longer term, so when the time comes for the buying decision, the prospect will have you as its #1 option and moreover the leads are being pushed back to the sales force in order to maximize the chances to close the deal.


3. Consumer Dialogue Programs

Ranging from automated communication driven by the stage of the customer lifecycle to loyalty clubs and brand advocacy programs, we are developing customized CRM programs for which we ensure the full range of services:

  • strategic and creative
  • effective implementation
  • maintenance
  • analysis and reporting


  • Database services
  • Call center
  • Logistics for consumer promotions

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October 2011


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