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Media kit - Advertising Options

Your media kit includes promotional materials of your organization or institution which will be distributed to Bulgarian market for promotion. You could plan your educational media kit with different kind of advertising in education. We can prepare a media plan for school and university advertising which will has good result. It depends of your vision and your conditions. Please, be advised that it is better if your marketing team could offer specific conditions only for Bulgarian market which includes magazine advertising options and additional advertising. It is better when you use a combination of magazine advertising options with additional options because your view increases.

It is a good combination for example, if you choose:

  • a publication in the education magazine;
  • a participation in the educational fair “Education Beyond Borders” in Sofia;
  • an additional advertising options.
Each part of this combination provides a different visibility and that is why it is suitable their combining. It is very important that the making new image is real for a period of time, longer than a month. If you wish to enter in Bulgarian market, the educational journals advertising will work for your organization longer but if you would like quick results it is good to choose more options which are available for education.
Example: if your school or university wants to make school or university advertising in the education magazine, it will be good to publish a profile with advertising page. In addition of this you can make online advertising or you can make presentation in Sofia. It depends of your plan. It is not enough only one publication or only one participation in a fair. Good image is when you make it for long time!

You can find useful information about the advertising options here:

Distribution services
Distribution services

Designing, building, enriching, maintaining.

Distribution services Details

Advertising Options Marketing
Advertising Options Marketing

Mobile marketing platform (SMS, MMS) specialized for consumer promotions and consumer dialogue programs.

Advertising Options Marketing Details

Ad Formats and Sizes
Ad Formats and Sizes

Inserting into envelopes, labeling, creating parcels and preparing them for expedition, warehousing and management of promotional items.

Ad Formats and Sizes Details

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

Inbound and outbound callcenter for consumer promotions, tele researches and lead generation programs.

Technical Specifications Details

Corporate Sponsorship
Corporate Sponsorship

Drop mailing, door-to-door, hand-to-hand distribution services.

Corporate Sponsorship Details


Sending, tracking, reporting for large volumes of scheduled or ad-hoc emails.

Registration Details

Web Options
Web Options

Full range of services related to the management of national consumers promotions.

Web Options Details

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