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Target Market of the Education Magazine

The target market of the Education Magazine are persons interested in education. The content and the distribution of the Education Magazine depends of the target audience, that's why the target marketing is important to the advertisers and partners of the Education Magazine.


Readers of the Education Magazine are:

  • Students from secondary schools (public and private)
  • Students from Bulgarian universities (public and private)
  • Teachers from secondary school teachers (public and private)
  • Academic teachers and professors from Bulgarian universities (public and private)
  • Parents and professionals


Age of the readers of Education Magazine:

Age of the readers of Education Magazine


Readers of the Education Magazine looking for educational information about:

  • Study abroad and the conditions in different countries
  • Schools, colleges and universities offering bachelor and master programs
  • Language programs abroad
  • Professional programs abroad


Profile of readers of the Education Magazine:

  • Bulgarian students from secondary schools, colleges and universities in Bulgaria (15 - 28 years old)
  • MBA / Masters Candidates (20 - 28 years old)
  • Parents of Bulgarian secondary school students
  • Persons interested in study abroad (18 - 35 years)
  • Foreign students who studying abroad at the moment
  • Working professionals
  • School teachers from public and private schools
  • Academic staff from Bulgarian universities and etc.

Learn more about the concept and thematic content of the magazine and about the opportunities for advertising, sponsorhip and partnership in the only one free educational magazine.

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October 2011


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