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More loyal clients - International Education Market

How to get more sales by increasing the loyalty of existing customers.


1. Relationship Strategy Design

  • How to build a consumer database (the right way)? How to segment it (correctly)?
  • How to optimize the communication costs?
  • How to make the consumers more responsive?
  • When and what type of communication to send?
  • What channels to use? How to be sure that you do not miss some important details that will affect you two years from now?

Our 10 years of experience will help you start your relationship program the right way or correct and improve an existing one.


2. Newsletters

Newsletters are some of the most cost efficient tools for communicating permanently with the consumers/ clients and a central pillar of every loyalty program.

To achieve better results we can help you with designing the content strategy, preparing the layouts, sending (using our white-listed solution), monitoring the performance and especially sending different content to each consumer depending on his history.

Also we are checking permanently that the database is segmented properly and it is clean and active.


3. Consumer activation through web promotions

Everyone loves to talk about how many "s;Hits"s; they get on their website. But ask them how many of those "s;Hits"s; turned into "s;Leads"s; and that is another story.

Consumer promotion can increase traffic on your web site and you can keep customers hooked on a constant stream of controlled information.


4. Product info-lines/ consumer’s email address

Based on product manuals and FAQ databases our trained operators offer speedy and efficient solutions to consumer complaints and questions. A properly functioning product infoline/ web-base info center improves two-way communication and consumer satisfaction with the product or service.

We funnel the complaints received by phone or by email, ensuring that you only need to handle exceptions or new cases. Reports are delivered on a daily or weekly basis.


5. Loyalty Clubs

We are offering a turnkey solution for loyalty clubs (both card-based or web-based). In the range of services related to loyalty clubs are strategic and creative services, content development, integrated communication, logistic support, maintenance and reporting. The clients for which we run loyalty clubs have experienced tangible results related to brand image, reduction of churn rate and market share increase.


  • Database services
  • SMS and Mobile Marketing
  • Fulfillment for direct mail and drop mail
  • Letterbox marketing
  • Call center
  • Email marketing

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October 2011


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