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Why Advertise in Education Magazine?

The advertising in Educational magazine is an important and valuable - it is for a specific target group - students, parents, teachers, academics, etc.

The only one FREE educational magazine in Bulgaria has an important role as a provider of important and relevant information for the Bulgarian public twice each year. Bulgarian students can find different opportunities to study abroad in the magazine - different countries in different continents. The choice is always very important for each student, not only for Bulgarian.

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Advertising in the Education Magazine is recommended if your organization is:

  • School
  • Language school
  • College
  • University
  • Educational Foundation / Association
  • Educational institution
  • Organisation for promotion of national education and others
  • Other organizations and companies

Each organization may be:

  • Greater popularity in the target group
  • Creating vision in the Bulgarian Market
  • Creating a positive image

Advertising in the educational magazine is different kind of advertising level. Due to the large number of participants and publications, the magazine is very popular in the country. Your publications will be accepted like prestigious message and your information will be accurate and useful information for many Bulgarian students.

See the opportunities for advertising and corporate sponsorship in Education Magazine.


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October 2011


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