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Education Magazine - Thematic Content

Thematic Content of the Bulgarian educational magazine: each edition of the magazine contains information about the participants of the exhibition "Education Beyond Borders" and additional materials from institutions that are unable to attend the event in Sofia. The media in education offers perfect target group and many advertisers used to make publication with the only aim – send specific information to important readers. Some participants publish additional materials for their profiles and creating specific message to the Bulgarian audience. The education book includes information about schools, colleges, universities and educational organizations like language schools, associations, and foundations and so on.

The profiles of the participants include:

  • Logo of the institution;
  • General information - location, year of creation, language, fees and so on;
  • Admission and deadlines;
  • Programs and degrees (undergraduate, master, etc.)
  • Short description;
  • Pictures.

The information for profiles is published by countries in different parts of the scholarly journal:

  • Each institution is located in the section of its country.
  • All countries and participants are listed in alphabetical order.
  • There is a special page for every country where we publish information about the educational system and opportunities to study abroad in the concerned country (general information about the education).
In addition to these profiles in the school magazine we publish additional PR materials, articles and educational surveys and researches, which are interesting for our target group. Some of these materials are targeted for specific countries, others - degree or program, educational policy, issues in higher education, education review. There are interviews too because we believe that the readers can take a useful experience. There are published articles, created by education providers worldwide. Finally, all publications and materials make the only free magazine in Bulgaria and the only dynamic and useful source of information for the Bulgarian public.

Current issue

October 2011


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