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Education Magazine - Distribution

General information about the magazine distribution:

  • Periodicity of publication: 2 issues per year (March and October)
  • Circulation: min. 8 000
  • Volume: min. 120 pages
  • Color: full-colored (learn more about the technical specifications of the magazine)
  • First edition: October 2009 (view the previous issues of the Education Magazine)
  • Publisher: Bery Group Bulgaria
  • Distribution to public: free
  • Language magazine: Bulgarian

Place of distribution:

  • Educational fair "Education Beyond Borders" – Sofia;
  • Secondary schools (public and private);
  • Language schools in Bulgaria;
  • International offices of Bulgarian public and private universities;
  • Bulgarian institutions and embassies;
  • Media partners and etc.


Distribution of the Education Magazine:
In addition to the print edition, everybody can find the educational magazine promoted online in an electronic format and can get easy the provided information. The specific information is looked for by Bulgarian students and parents because there is no enough information. Learn more about our services, distributions methods here.

Promotion of the media for education:

The educational magazine will be promoted through media partners of international exhibition "Education Beyond Borders" – Sofia. You can find the list of the media partners here! We are the only one organization which can offer you full aspect of advertising in Bulgaria - television, radio stations, newspapers, billboards, posters and their distribution, meetings in schools, presentations and so on.

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Please, contact us for more details! We will be pleased to work together!


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October 2011


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