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International Education Awareness & Acquisition

More sales by promoting directly to the target group your products and services


1. Conquering consumers for niche products

Having the experience of hundreds of such projects we can ensure that all key success factors are carefully taken into consideration:

  • very precise targeting (B2B: size - turnover & number of employees, field of activity: 4 digits NACE codes, number of PCs, contact information / B2C: age, gender, level of income, psychographics, geo-localization)
  • powerful and impactful creative
  • personalization of every piece of communication, including web pages

For sending our messages and receiving feedback from the prospects we can use both traditional & modern direct marketing channels: post (direct mail), fax, telephone, SMS, e-mail, web. See all services »


2. Lead Generation

A very popular service, our lead generation service is delivering business meetings with qualified prospects for your sales force.

Every sales representative receives at the end of the day a set of face-to-face business meetings with qualified prospects (e.g. meetings with IT managers from different companies who want to learn more about your backup solution).

Because we test different databases, channels and messages and because we integrate multiple direct marketing channels into a single campaign, we're getting high success rates which translates into lower costs per meeting for the client.

The results of every lead-generation campaign are measured, analyzed and used to improve the next one.


3. SEO, Performance Campaigns

In order to generate traffic to a website that is a part of a lead generation campaign we are programming every website and landing page SEO-friendly and we also run pay-per-click campaigns (e.g Google Adwords, Facebook Ads) that generate cost-efficient visits to that site.


4. Letterbox

Letterbox can be much more than "leaflet into a PO box".

For retailers or clients from other verticals that want to reach consumers with various profiles at a low cost, we are offering selective distribution, meaning the distribution of leaflets in only those PO boxes that satisfy certain criteria like income index (1-10) or distance from a fixed spot (e.g. a store).

We are also ensuring creative services for inovative flyers or door hangers and complete support for response collection (web, infoline, sms).


  • Database services
  • SMS and Mobile Marketing
  • Fulfillment for direct mail and drop mail
  • Letterbox marketing
  • Call center
  • Email marketing

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