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Education Magazine - Corporate sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship in Education Magazine - educational magazine offers various sponsorship opportunities for companies or organizations whose activities and services are related to the target group.

Why should I be and who can be a sponsor?

  • Why should I be a sponsor?

This is private choice if you would like to support something noble and useful. These are the today's sponsors - awared persons, companies and organizations, who want to be useful for our society. This is a matter of honor and magnanimity!

  • Who can be a sponsor?

Anyone who believes that education is the future of the world and worth to be supported. Anyone who believes that education is a cause that will not be detrimental for the image, but will help people understand the social significance.Why advertising sponsor in education?
What is education? It is difficult to answer this question, because if someone finds the answer will be the smartest person in the world. We will only try to define it:

  • Education is a culture
  • Education is a sport
  • Education is an art
  • Education is a science
  • Education is Music
  • Education is everything!

Genius creates education in order to understand the world that needs it and it makes a huge part in various spheres (music, culture, sports, arts, science). Person today needs education!

What are the benefits of sponsorship in education?
Perhaps the answer lies in the purpose which can be:

  • opportunities
  • information

Let us be able to give necessary information to anyone who wants to find future opportunities. Thus, qualified people with higher education can offer prospective employers greater opportunities and a willingness for development.
Education is the power you need support for future generation of the world!

Priority sectors are:

  • Courier Services
  • Mobile operators with programs for young people
  • Cosmetics for young people
  • Clothes and shoes for young people
  • Sports Equipment
  • Software training
  • Banking services for young people
  • Equipment for young people
  • Services for young people
  • Restaurants, pubs, disco, etc.

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