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Bery Group World - most creative organization in the world to recruit students

Bery Group World - most creative organization in the world to recruit students.

Bery Group Bulgaria is the biggest provider of educational services in Bulgaria. As such organization, we distribute useful information for studying abroad through various activities that we organize:

By creating of all activities, we have built an ad network, including online portals with a huge attendance for Bulgaria. In addition our resources Bery Group Bulgaria has long-standing partners with whom we can offer you everything in advertising sphere in Bulgaria.

Exploring the Bulgarian market can be very effective with low cost. We can guarantee the achievement of positive results of advertising services that we offer and the services of our partners with whom we work with. You can choose appropriate advertising campaign with our support. You can find professional advices and creative plan at every level. We know the Bulgarian market and its specific conditions. This is our main priority, together with our own resources that we possess.


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  • Contact person: Zornitsa Andreeva (Ms) - Marketing Director
  • Bery Group Bulgaria: 74 General Gurko Str., fl. 1, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
  • Phone: 003592 9888 604
  • Fax: 003592 950 25 11
  • Email: education.beyond.borders@gmail.com

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October 2011


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