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Database services


We currently offer professional and secure database management services to top multinational companies. Currently the databases we are managing count more than10 million records:

  • Data validation is done in real time, using an exhaustive streets/ cities library, thus eliminating the possibility to enter wrong or incomplete addresses. We are able to invalidate an address which does not contain an apartment number, if the combination street name + street number is registered in the library to be a multi-apartment residential building
  • Standardization of first name and last name and street name
  • Adding gender data, adding environment (urban or rural), postal codes
  • The database management system is audited for security procedures and respects the most modern backup and recovery standards



Renting of proprietary lists (data is updated regularly using the in-house call center):

  • Romanian Company Database: Information about 479,930 companies from the entire country (address, 4-digit NACE coding of business field, turnover, number of employees, number of computers, phone number
  • Professionals Database contains constantly updated information about 20 000 top professional practitioners in Romania (lawyer, notary, architects, doctors)


Renting of proprietary lists


Brokerage for 3rd party databases (all lists are fully compliant with the law 677/ 2001):

  • Avantaje: 130 k records (location, gender, profession, age, mobile phone)
  • Sanoma - Hearst: 30 k records (location, gender, profession, age, mobile phone)
  • Step by Step: 14 k records (location, gender, profession, age, mobile phone, psychographics)
  • Evenimentul Zilei: 54 k records (location, gender, profession, age)
  • Raft: 12k records (email, age, address, mobile phone, non-mobile phone, profession)
  • Vodafone and Orange opt-in consumers: >2m records (location, geographical analysis, gender, age, psychographics, invoice value, solvency)
  • Segmentable website lists >3m records (location, gender, age)


  • SMS and Mobile Marketing
  • Fulfillment for direct mail and drop mail
  • Call center
  • Letterbox marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Logistics for consumer promotions

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