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Email marketing

Our white-listed emailing solution ensures high deliverability rates, a must-have condition for good results; In case of the clients that prefere to generate their own content and HTML we are offering consulting services for improving the quality of the content and code in order to maximize the email's deliverability – do’s and don'ts to increase the deliverability up to 100%.

Personalization: Ranging from simple personalization with name/ surname upto serving different content for every email in the targets database; Usually the success rate for fully customized direct e-mailings is up to 15% higher than the non-personalized ones.

In-house copywriting & design specialized in email marketing.

Optimized content for all email clients: The usual email platforms – Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Lotus have different HTML rendering, therefore the HTML code that is behind the email must be fully optimized in order to have identical view on all platforms.

Hosting and managing email databases: keeping the email database cleaned up and marking the openings, clicks, or bounces makes the communication better,  and also helps to apply activation and reactivation strategies.

Real time management of opt-outs in order to be fully compliant with personal data protection regulations.

Detailed reporting and analysis including charts and recommendations.

Individual statistics - Who opened the emails, who clicked the link and which links were clicked.


  • Database services
  • SMS and Mobile Marketing
  • Fulfillment for direct mail and drop mail
  • Call center
  • Letterbox marketing
  • Logistics for consumer promotions

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